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Why DineSafe?

- From 1997-2011, the CDC found that food allergies in children increased by 50%

- In American adults, 60% say that at least one nutritional component is restricted.

Build a Following

Surveys by FARE found that when food allergy families find an establishment that they trust, they become loyal customers and promote it to their network.

15 Million Americans

Food allergies effect 15 million Americans. They influence their network of family and friends, which is orders of magnitude larger, to dine out where they feel comfortable.

Personalized Menus

The beauty of DineSafe is in what we offer your guests. We consistently see enthusiasm from our early users because they never imagined that finding meals suitable for them would be so easy.

Save Time

DineSafe eliminates the need for lengthy dietary discussions between guests and your staff. We also understand the importance of letting servers know of any food allergies beforehand so we've placed blinking alerts throughout the app.

Staff Use

DineSafe can be used by your staff to verify allergens on the fly, helping eliminate human error and allowing your entire staff to make suggestions.


More and more people are starting to seek intuitive and accessible ways to find out what's in their food. Here’s your chance to get in on the ground floor of an inevitable shift to ingredient transparency in the restaurant industry.

How Does It Work?

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Starting Out

Currently, DineSafe tracks 32 allergens and 11 diet preferences with others such as calories, carbs, fats, etc. coming soon. Restaurants are only required to track the US top 8 allergens and the rest are optional.

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Input Your Menu

Create a free account and add your first meal, you'll be surprised at how easy it is. You can choose to take your restaurant live when you get your top sellers in, or once you've completed your entire menu.

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Can't Find The Time?

As a Restaurateur, your schedule can be hectic, but don't worry, we've got you covered. We'll get your entire menu into DineSafe with little to no effort from you.

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Be Prepared

It's important to learn how to keep your food allergy guests safe. We highly recommend AllerTrain as they are the only ANSI accredited food allergy training course. They offer different courses ranging from $19 to $69.

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