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Personal Menus For Food Allergies & Dietary Preferences

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Our Mission:

Help Everyone Safely Enjoy Dining-Out


DineSafe helps you discover restaurants who have the ability to cater to you. Perfect for traveling or even finding new places nearby.


DineSafe instantly and clearly sorts a restaurant's menu by comparing your allergies to the allergens contained in each menu item.


The best thing about DineSafe... it's just plain easy to use. There's no need to enter your allergies or location every time you search.

Are you a restaurant owner or manager?

Become part of the solution, begin uploading your menu today.

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We need your help

In order for restaurants to invest time in DineSafe, the need and opportunity has to be clear to them. Here are a few ways that everyone can help.

The Movement

Create, share and sign petitions to encourage your favorite restaurants to join DineSafe. Your voice help us fundamentally change the restaurant industry!

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Talk to Restaurants!

Print out our PDF and take it to your favorite restaurants. Discuss it with your server or manager and let them know how their commitment would benefit you, your family, and your friends.

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